P2P Marketplace

It allows you to build a successful marketplace to sell and buy loans in order to gain additional liquidity.

Payment Processing

Focuses on complex automation of payment solutions that are compliant to PSD 2 and GDPR. Acceptance of payment cards, EU bank payments, and alternative online payment methods with value-added features of your choice.


Enables you to manage payment flows using the prepared infrastructure. Issue your own branded physical or virtual payment cards, top-up the account by various means, calculate the credit line associated with the account or make P2P payments.

B2B Payments

Organize your business with escrow functionality, batch payments, and smart payment routing.

Digital Bank

Lets you enter in open banking world by building a full-fledged digital bank with mortgages, collaterals, charts of accounts, etc.
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Ultimate digital banking experience composed by modular solutions

The modular banking approach significantly reduces time-to-market and increases cost-effectiveness.

BankLaunch solutions are composed of prebuilt modules adaptable for customization for clients’ needs.

Select modules, integrate microservices, adjust workflow and launch an own bank.

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Available Modules For your Solution

Client Management

General client registry and communication trail. Both physical and legal clients are supported.

Multi-Currency accounts

Transaction and account management with currency conversions.

Card Acquiring

Clients have an opportunity to proceed with an online payment using any VISA or Mastercard bank card. In the meantime, the back-office interface lists all transactions in the system.


Bank account and credit card number protection in a secure, virtual vault that can be transmitted across Google Pay and Apple Pay without a risk.

SCA / 3D Secure

Payer authentication according to European requirements to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions.

Digital Asset Exchange

Trade digital assets online and add them to wallets. Connect to existing exchange engines, or create your own.

Loan Marketplace

Put loans, or other liabilities on a crowd-funded marketplace to gather investments for business financing. Virtual investment account support for clients.


EU payments integration via Lithuanian CB. Both Instant and Classic scheme support. IBAN handling and BIC resolution.

Payment Cards

Payment card management as ordering, issuing, locking/unlocking, statement viewing, and much more actions in the personal web-office.

PSD2 API aggregation

Initiate European banks’ payments and connect to data services for analytics purposes.


Store all necessary information about your clients in a single place. Onboard new users in a fully automated way. Integrate with AML engines of your choice for ongoing transaction monitoring.


Online identification of customers with a provider of your choice. Signing orders and documents in the platform.

*the platform is in development and not all modules are available immediately.