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Your Own Digital Bank

BankLaunch is a digital platform for a FinTech solution of your choice. Build MVP fast and integrate with all required APIs in a minimal timeframe. We are integrating with a number of partners supplying the required machinery to make FinTech solution tick. This is an open platform, you would be able to select integrations best fit for your business.


Decide what do you want to build, and we will find the solution.


Adaptable modules and integrations for all business needs.
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Get Started with Your Own Platform

We have created a modular platform for implementing FinTech solutions. The main goal is to increase customization options and reduce the costs of entering the market. Build your own system and let your dreams come true!

Dmitry Buzdin, Managing Director
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These are the core benefits

Cloud-native architecture

Runs on-premise or any public cloud of your choice.

Assembly from modules

Rather than one fit for all approach what gives adaptability opportunity to each customer needs.

Competitive pricing

Because of ready-made modules that are easily adaptable to different needs.

Different distribution models

White-label solution or SaaS model.

Compliant solution

The platform is built keeping industry best practices and standards in mind, such as GDPR & PCI DSS.
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Do your Project all Around the EU.

We do know the European Union FinTech regulations to be able to consult you or develop a solution for any EU country.

Implement ideas

Module Based

Privacy & Security